The Mediterranean meets the flavors of the world

Located in the majestic and prestigious Palazzo Mantegazza, META restaurant brings together all the values of the Med&Fusion gastronomic experience in a single aesthetic setting.

The location, designed by the architect Massimo Marzorati and inaugurated in January 2020, features a space with great scenographic impact, where contemporary design elements and unique pieces of craftsmanship, dialogue in perfect balance with each other. The forms are linear in their elegance and the materials are warm in their authenticity. A balance between intimacy and sociality with the precise need to recreate the proper atmosphere of a living room at home. The room is a crossroads of suggestions between food and emotions: on one hand, the guests’ gaze meets the expressive linearity of the open kitchen, on the other, the wonderful floor-to-ceiling windows, the terrace and its spectacular views of the Lake Lugano make it the perfect place for an outdoor dining.



The kitchen is the beating, living, fiery heart of the Meta restaurant: it’s our act of love and passion for our guest.Combining technique with experience, emotion with culture, aesthetics with creativity, META restaurant offers an always surprising cuisine, characterized by the use of excellent raw materials in a harmonious blend of Mediterranean tradition and unusual and sensational exotic notes.

“My cuisine draws no boundaries, harmoniously combining different cultures” Luca Bellanca, Chef

A style that starts from his italian origins and weaves together inspirations captured in a series of experiences around the world. A cuisine that aims to create novel and lively combinations, free from any definition.

The gastronomic offer


META’s excellence and exclusivity are reflected in every area in order to create a totalizing experience.

From the “Gastronomic” tasting menu to the great classics signed Luca Bellanca, without forgetting seasonal novelties and the most original creations: acrossroads of flavors, worlds and traditions.

For reservations, contact us by phone at +41 (0)91 994 68 68 or by email at

Wine cellar

A rich and particularly attractive wine cellar, settled up at the lower floor inside the vault of the historic bank.
The selection of wines and spirits is part of the journey of knowledge and discovery of territories and traditions.
We have gathered a selection of more than 350 Italian and foreign labels of great personality, for many still unknowned, carefully chosen by Antonio Casillo, an experienced sommelier.